The attribute puzzle format is a traditional format in math education. It occurs in logic materials developed in the sixties by EDC in Boston, with visual objects. Example:

these are gloops: A B C D E these are not gloops: F G J L N which of these are gloops? O P Q R S


with: battery, key, yeast, bookmark w/out: stapler, match, Rubik's cube, pill bottle

Needs to be placed inside something else when used for its usual purpose.


with: Rubik's cube, chess set, electrical wiring, compass needle w/out: clock, rope, tic-tac-toe, pencil sharpener

Uses color to distinguish between otherwise identical parts.

with: koosh, small intestine, Yorkshire Terrier, Christmas Tree w/out: toothbrush, oak chair, soccer ball, icicle


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