As soon as you ask for the friend, they start saying "Ace, two, three ...." with appropriate pauses. When they say the correct card, you say "(name) this is (your name)". They then start with "Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs." Upon the correct suit, you ask them to reveal the correct card.


The strongest variations on this are the FORCED CARD and the predetermined name. There are two variations of the forced card. First, there is the predetermined card, e.g., the 7 of Clubs on Friday, the 10 of Spades on Saturday, and the Queen of Diamonds on Sunday. Under this scenario, you must force a specific card on the selectee. Second, there is the situational forced card. In this case you have forced a card, but nobody realizes that you know what the card is. The first FORCED CARD variation is exceptionally strong because you can do it on a speaker phone. The second variation is strong because nobody realizes you know the card.

The predetermined name variation is the most effective because you get the same results without forcing a card. Each suit needs a first name and each card needs a last name.

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