A - All of the following "defects" absent B - Basic meanings are related C - Capitalization differs ("capitonyms") D - Different spellings also exist (US vs UK, hyphenation, etc.) E - Equal pronunciations also exist (US vs UK, regional, etc.) F - Foreign word, or may be distinguished with accent marks G - Gcontrived :-), coined, jargon, or other uncommon word

NV - corresponding noun and verb 3 - 3-way homograph 4 - 4-way homograph 5 - 5-way homograph

A ablative (grammatical case, tending to lose parts) B abstract (NV) B abuse (NV) BE accent (NV) A acedia (apathy, kind of fish) 3C acre (land area, Bazilian state, Israeli port) B addict (NV) B address (NV) A adduct (chemical addition product, to draw together) A advert (advertisement (British), make reference) B advocate (NV) C afar (a great distance, Omani city) BG affect (alter, emotion) B affiliate (NV) B affix (NV) C agama (Hindu scripture, lizard) F agape (wide open, form of love) B aged (the , cheese) B aggregate (NV) F agora (marketplace in Greece, Israel money) G ai (sloth, ouch!) C air (atmosphere, region in the Sahara) BE ally (NV) B alternate (NV) G alum (name of chemical, alumnus) BD analyses (plural noun, singular verb (UK)) B anathema (accursed, consecrated) B animate (verb, adjective) B annex (NV) A appropriate (take posession of, suitable) B approximate (verb, adjective) E are (form of to be, unit of area) CF ares (Greek god, unit of area (plural)) B arithmetic (noun, adjective) BE array (NV) A arses (plural arse, plural arsis) B articulate (verb, adjective) 5CDFG as (like, Roman coin, Persian card game, pl. of a, Norse Aesir god) C askew (awry, Florida politician) B aspirate (NV) B associate (NV) A ate (past of eat, recklessness) E attaches (plural attache, present tense of attach) B attribute (NV) C august (majestic, month) A axes (plural of ax, plural of axis) E ay(e) (yes, always) A barrage (dam, artillery fire) C barre (stripes, town in Vermont) A bases (plural of base, plural of basis) A bass ( fiddle, fishing for ) B bathing (take a bath, to bathe) B baton (NV) G beer (beverage, one who is) C begin (start, former Israeli leader) C berry (fruit, French region) BE blessed (prosperous, he her) C boule (Greek legislature, synthetic gem) EG bourgeois (capitalistic, type size) A bow(ed) ( and arrow, to the king) F brat (naughty child, wurst) E buffet (jostle, lunch) B bustier (undergarment, more busty) E can (metalic container, able to) F cave (cavern, Latin beware) F charge (rush, diplomat) A chela (small claw, disciple) C chosen (picked, Japanese name for Korea) C chou (cabbage, Chinese dynasty) B close ( call, the door) B closer (door , more close) B coagulate (NV) G coax (urge, coaxial cable) B collect (prayer, gather) 3CFG colon (":", colonial farmer, Costa Rican monetary unit) B combat (NV) B combine (NV) 3A comes (moves toward, answer in a fugue, dried rootlets) A commune (take Communion, administrative district) A compact (closely arranged, treaty) B complex (complicated, compound) B compost (NV) B compound (NV) B compress (NV) B concert (NV) C concord (NV, New Hampshire capital) B conduct (NV) B confect (NV) B confederate (NV) B confines (NV) B conflict (NV) B conglomerate (NV) B conjugate (NV) B conscript (NV) BE conserve (preserve, jam) A console (soothe, keyboard desk) B consort (NV) B construct (NV) B consult (NV) B consummate (verb, adjective) BE contact (NV) E content (what is contained, satisfied) B contest (NV) B contract (NV) B contrast (NV) BG convent (nunnery, convene) A converse (logic term, to talk) B convert (NV) B convict (NV) 3CDE coop (cooperative, enclosure, personal name) BE coordinate (NV) B crack down (NV) B curate (clergyman, act as curator) F cure (heal, parish priest) B cursed (NV) FG dame (woman, term in the game of Go) DE decameter (poetic line with 10 feet, 10 meters (US)) B decrease (NV) B default (NV) B defect (flaw, turn traitor) E defense (sports term, fortification) C degas (remove gas from, French artist) BE delegate (NV) C deli (delicatessen, Indonesian city) B deliberate (adjective, verb) F denier (one who denies, former French coin) A desert (leave alone, Sahara ) B desolate (adjective, verb) B detail (NV) B digest (NV) D dingy (dull, small boat) BE discharge (NV) B discriminate (distinguish, opposite of indiscriminate) B dismount (NV) BE dispatch (NV) BE dispute (NV) E divers (plural diver, various) F do (perform, tonic note of scale) A does ( the buck see the ?) B dogged (followed, determined) DE douse (drench, use a diving rod) A dove (dived, pigeon) F dozen (12, stun (Scottish)) B drawer (one who draws, chest of s) B duplicate (NV) B elaborate (verb, adjective) A ellipses (plural ellipse, plural ellipsis) A entrance (door, delight) BDE envelop(e) (NV) G ergotism (logical reasoning, ergot poisoning) B escort (NV) B essay (piece of writing, try) B estimate (NV) 3AC even (Siberian people, flat, knitting term) E evening (making even, twilight) CFG ewe (female sheep, African language) A excise (customs duty, cut out) B excuse (NV) B exploit (NV) B export (NV) BF expose (NV) B extract (NV) B fall out (NV) A felly (part of a wheel, sinister) B ferment (NV) E fiasco (failure, bottle) F file (tool, sassafras powder) BDE fillet (cut of meat/fish, band of ribbon/wood) B finance (NV) 3F fine (minute, finish, brandy) A flower (one who flows, bloom) D forbear (abstain, ancestor) C forest (area with trees, town in Belgium) G formal (ceremonious, methylal) F forte (strong point, loud) 3F fourchette (membrane, glove part, heraldry term) B frequent (NV) DEG genet (civetlike animal, horselike animal) G genial (pleasant, of the chin) E gibber (incoherent speech, Australian polished stone) A gill (volume unit, organ in fish) G gin (liquor, dialectical before) A glower (sullen look, one that glows) B graduate (NV) 3F grave (accent, burial place, music term) 3F guara (ibis, wild dog, tree) C guy (male, Flemish ruler) F gyro (gyroscope, Greek sandwich) C hades (hell, angles of geological faults) B hand out (NV) F he (pronoun, Hebrew letter) CE herb (plant, short for Herbert) B hinder (hamper, posterior) C home (Daniel Douglas Home, residence) B house (NV) C ill (sick, river in Austria) B impact (NV) B implant (NV) B implement (NV) B import (NV) D imposter (impostor, customs official) B impound (NV) B impress (NV) B imprint (NV) G impugnable (capable of being impugned, obsolete cannot be overcome) B incarnate (NV) B incense (infuriate, perfume for burning) B incline (NV) B increase (NV) B indent (NV) B indurate (NV) B inebriate (NV) B initiate (NV) B insert (NV) B inset (NV) B insult (NV) BE integral (adjective, noun) B intercept (NV) B interchange (NV) B interdict (NV) B intermediate (NV) B intern (NV) B intimate ( relations, to suggest) B invalid (cripple, erroneous) B invert (NV) B invite (NV) G is (form of to be, plural of i) BE issue (NV) B jagged (slashed or cut, having a zigzag edge) D jargon (specialized langauge, yellow zircon) C job (occupation, Bible character) BCF jubilate (rejoice, joyous song) CF junker (trashy car, German name) CF kin (relatives, Manchu ancestors) G kine (cows, motion picture) F lame (crippled, metallic fabric) F lamed (crippled, Hebrew letter) CE lanai (porch, Hawaiian island) 3A lather (suds, lath worker, lathe worker) E lea (meadow, yarn measure) A lead ( pipe, astray) BD learned (learnt, knowledgeable) BE legged (past tense verb, adjective) C levy (tax, Jewish name) F lied (fibbed, German art song) C liege (loyal, city in Belgium) CF lima (bean, city in Peru) G lineage (ancestry, # of print lines) B live ( in peace, audience) B liver (filter organ, more alive) B lives ( in peace, for all of our ) A lower (to let down, frown) CF luger (luge rider, gun maker) G lunger/ed (one who lunges, TB victim (slang)) D lupine (wolflike, clustered flower) B make up (NV) CG mallet (hammer, steam locomotive type) B mamma (mother, teat) F manes (plural of mane, Roman gods) C maria (dark areas on moons or planets, south Pacific island) G mare (female horse, "sea" on the moon) F mate (friend, type of tea) D micrometer (measuring device, .000001 meter (US)) C millet (Jean-Francois Millet, cereal) B minute (60 seconds, tiny) B misconduct (NV) 3BCE mobile (movable, city in Alabama, wind-blown sculpture) B moderate (NV) EG molar (back tooth, chemical term) 3CF mole (Sudanese people, birthmark, sauce) A moped (brooded, fun vehicle) A morel (black nightshade, edible fungus) F mores (plural of more, manners) BE mouse (rodent, to hunt them) B mouth (NV) A mow (pile of hay, to cut down) B multiply (verb, adverb) 3F nana (nursemaid, mint, dwarfish) C natal (South African province, pertaining to birth) CDE nestles (snuggles, beverage maker) A nestling (snuggling, young bird) C nice (city in France, pleasing) CF none (not any, fifth canonical hour) A number (decimal , more numb) F nun (woman in religious order, Hebrew letter) B object (NV) B occult (NV) E offense (sports term, attack) 3DG os (bone, esker, pl. of o) C our (belonging to us, river in Belgium) A overage (too old, surplus) B overcount (NV) B overlook (NV) F pace (stride, Latin peace) 3CF pala (language, ivory tree, impala) B palatine (of a palace, fur cape and hood) C palladian (following Palladio, wise) G palsy (friendly (slang), paralysis) F pan (frying , leaf of betel tree) 4A papa (father, priest, baboon, shrubs) B paralyses (plural noun, singular verb (UK)) BE parole (NV) 3CF passe (Arawakan, outdated, roulette term) A pasty (pastelike, British meat pie) 4FG pate (head, food paste, type of cross, porcelain paste for ceramics) B patent (noun, adjective) BF pave (cover with material, set jewels close together) A peaked (sharply pointed, unhealthy looking) A peer (equal, one who pees) B perfect (verb, adjective) G periodic (regularly occurring, acids such as HIO4) B permit (NV) A perpend (ponder, brick or stone reaching through a wall) B pervert (NV) 3A pili (nut, grass, hair) F pique (irritate, ribbed fabric) A placer (one who places, gold-bearing surface gravel) EFG plies (layers, ballet moves) C polish (shine, of Poland) A poll (head, group of students) B pontificate (NV) B prayer (what one prays, one who prays) B precedent (NV) B precipitate (NV) B predicate (NV) BE premise (NV) B present(s) (give, currently) E primer (intro book/material (US), device for priming) B procede (NV) B proceeds (advances, income) B produce (give rise to, fruits and vegetables) B progress (to move forward, work in ) B project (planned undertaking, to throw forward) BE prospect (NV) B protest (NV) B purpose (NV) A pussy (cat, infected) B putter/putting (one that puts, one that putts) C quiche (egg pie, department in Guatemala) F quite (completely, matador passes) 3CDG rabat (Morocco capital, clerical garment, pottery polishing piece) DG rabbi (clerical garment, Jewish religious official) B ragged (teased, tattered) C rainier (more rainy, US mountain) C ravel (tangle or untangle, French composer) A raven (black bird, plunder) F re (pertaining to, 2nd note of scale) B read (present tense, past tense) C reading ( a book, city in England or Pennsylvania) F real (actual, former Spanish coin) 3DEG rebate(d) (partially refund, rabbet, in truncated form (heraldry)) B rebel (NV) B recall (NV) B recap (NV) B recess (NV) B recoil (NV) B record (NV) D recreate (relax, create again) D recreation (pastime, second creation) 3BD redress (compensate, compensation, dress again) B refill (NV) BD reform (improve, form again) B refund (NV) B refuse (NV) B regress (NV) B reject (NV) B relapse (NV) D relay (electromechanical device, lay again) B remake (NV) E repent (regret, creeping) B replay (NV) D represent (stand for, present again) B rerun (NV) EFG res (notes, legal thing) D research (investigate, search again) A resent (be indignant, sent again) D reserve (hold back, serve again) D resign (quit, sign again) D resolve (settle dispute, solve again) D resort (vacation spot, sort again) F resume (work summary, restart) B retake (NV) B retard (NV) B retract (NV) BF rissole (minced meat fried in pastry, browned by frying in fat) A river (watercourse, one who rives) CE rodeo (entertainment featuring animals, Drive in Beverly Hills) F rose (flower, wine) B route/ed/ing/er (path, woodworking term) A row (a fight, ,, your boat) A rugged (robust, having a rug) C said (spoke, Middle Eastern port) F sake (purpose, Japanese drink) C salamis (naval battle in 480 B.C., sausages) 3AF salve (ointment, salvage, hail!) CE scotia (concave molding in the base of columns, Latin Scotland) BE second (2nd or 1/60 minute, transfer to temporary job) E secretive (keeping a secret, giving off a secretion) 3BG seer (one who sees, prophet, Indian weight unit) B segment (NV) C seine (net, French river) B separate (NV) A severer (cutter, more severe) A sewer (storm , one who sews) E sheave (wheel in pulley, gather) G shin (body part, Hebrew letter) A shive (wood bung, piece of plant matter) A shower (one who shows, stall) G sin (transgress, Hebrew letter) AC singer (Isaac Bashevis Singer, one who singes, one who sings) A skied (past tense of ski, past tense of sky) A slaver (slave taker, drool) 3A slough (swamp, cast-off, st rike) 3CDE sol (sun, colloidal suspension, musical note) DEG solar (of the sun, chamber in medieval English house) 3F sous (subordinate, archery term, money) A sow ( seeds, female pig) C spree (binge, German river) A stamina (endurance, plural of stamen) A stingy (meager, able to sting) EG stipulate (request explicitly, having stipules) EG stupe (hot compress as counterirritant, stupid person) B subject (NV) A supply (in a supple way, and demand) B survey (NV) B suspect (NV) G swinger (whopper, one that swings) G swingle (flax beating tool, single person who "swings") B syndicate (NV) F tales (stories, Latin added potential jurors) CF tang (flavor, Chinese dynasty) C tangier (more tangy, city in Morocco) 3C tanka (Japanese verse form, Eastern coins, Chinese people) A tarry (covered in tar, dawdle) A taxes (plural of tax, movements of organism in response to stimulus) G taxis (cabs, movement of organism in response to stimulus) A tear ( down, shed a ) A thou (you, slang for thousand) A thymic (of thyme, of thymus) A tier (one who ties, row or rank) 3F titi (tree, monkey, petrel) A toots (honks, informal term of address) B torment (NV) FG touches (contacts, instances of saying touche) A tower (one who tows, leaning ) BE transfer (NV) B transform (NV) B transplant (NV) B transport (NV) BE transpose (NV) CG triton (large snail or Greek demigod, nucleus of tritium) G tropic (near the equator, seeking [biology?) G tush (long pointed tooth, buttocks (slang)) B ultimate (NV) B undercount (NV) DG unionized ( labor, hydrogen) B update (NV) B uplift (NV) B upset (NV) G us (we, plural of u) B use (NV) F vale (valley, Latin farewell) A viola (musical instrument, pansy or violet) A violist (viol player, viola player) F vise (tool for holding work, visa) C vital (essential, Palestinian author) E whoops (cry of joy, cry of dismay) A wicked (evil, past of wick) A wind/ing ( the clock, north ) F won (past of win, Korean money) CF worms (invertebrates, German city) A wound (injury, wrapped around) C xi (Greek letter, Chinese river) E yak (ox, laugh) C zemi (fetish, Naga people) G zeus (Greek god, Zeidae)

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