Q: Can you name three homophones for "palate" and "censor"? And even a fourth?


palate - the roof of the mouth; taste pallet - a bed of straw; a platform for storing something palette - an artist's board for paint

censor - a person that edits out offensive material sensor - a device that senses something senser - a person that senses

And the fourth homophones are
pallette - plate at the armpit in a suit of armor censer - a container for incense
Other quartets for other initial phoneme are

ante - poker stake; before anti - one that opposes auntie - aunt auntae - piers produced by thickening wall at its termination

baaed - bleeted, as shep baud - signal frequency bod - body bawd - whore house owner

carat - unit of weight for precious stones carrot - orange vegetable karat - measure of gold purity caret - a mark indicating insertion; accent ^

does - famale deer, rabbits, and other mammals doughs - precursors to bread doze - sleep lightly dos - first tones of the diatonic scale

medal - an honorary decoration made of metal meddle - to interfere, pry metal - a shiny, conductive element or alloy mettle - courage, spirit

new - recent, fresh, modern knew - understood nu - 13th Greek letter gnu - African antelope

oh - interjection of surprise or other emotions owe - to be indebted eau - watery perfume oe - Faroe whirlwind

raiser - one that raises of lifts razer - one that razes or demolishes razor - sharp cutting implement raser - one that erases; engraver or carver

you - the second person pronoun yew - a shrub or tree ewe - a female sheep yu - precious jade

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