Q: What words have four or more spellings that sound alike?

A: Starting with each phoneme
<sw>: I, a, aah, o, of, ugh (6) a: air/ayre, are, Ayr, e'er, ere, err, eyre, heir (8) <a_>: a, ae, ay, aye, eh (5) <a">: ar/r, are, or, our (4) <a.>: apercu, apercus (2) a<u.>: hour, our (2) b: braes, braise, brays, braze, breys (5) ch: Chile, chili, chilly (3) d: daos, dauws, dhows/dows, dows, dowse, taos (6) e: air/ayre, are, Ayr, e'er, ere, err, eyre, heir (8) <e_>: ease, es, he's (3) f: fain, fane, feign, foehn; faize, faze, feaze, phase (4) g: gild, gilled, guild (3) h: hays, hayes, haze, hes/hehs, heighs, heys (6) hw: wheel, wheal (2) i: improvisatore, improvisatori, improvisatory (3) <i_>: ai, ay, aye/ay, eye, I, i (6) j: gest, geste, jessed, jest, just (5) k: caught, cot, cote, cotte, kat/khat/qat/quat/cat, Kot; crews, cruise, crus, cruse, krewes, Krus (6) <k_>: challa, hallah (2) l: lais, lase, lays, laze, leas/leys, leis (6) m: mhorr/mohr, moire, moor, mor, more (5) n: nae, nay, ne, nee, neigh (5) <ng>: <o_>: eau, eaux, haut, O, o, oh, owe (7) <o.>: <o.>i: Euler, oiler (2) p: peak, peek, peke, pic, pique (5) r: raise, rase, rays, raze, reis, rees, rehs, res (8) s: cees/ces/cs, psis, seas, sees, seize, sis, szis; scissel, scissile, Sicel, sisal, sisel, sissle, syssal (7) sh: chou, shoe, shoo, shu (4) t: tai, taille, Thai, tie, tye, Tyigh (6) th: threw, thro, through (3) <th>: their, they're, there, thir (4) <u">: ooh, ow, phew, whew, who (5) <u.>: oops, whoops, woops (3) v: vane, vain, vein (3) w: weal, weel, we'll, wheal, wheel (5) y: ewe, phew, u, yew, you (5) z: czar, tsar, tzar (3) zh: giro, gyro (2)

**** Unless noted otherwise, all words occur in Webster's Third New International Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Springfield, MA, 1961.

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