On the Island of Knights and Knaves, the natives belong to one of two tribes. Knaves always lie and wear black hats; knights always tell the truth and wear white hats. Three natives (strangers to each other) are led into a room (blindfolded so they cannot see each others' hats) and seated in a circle so that when the blindfolds are removed they can see the others' hats but not their own. Their hats are shuffled and then the blindfolds are removed. (Each native cannot tell his own hat from any other hat of the same color.) They make the following statements, in this order:

Native 1: "I don't know."
Native 2: "I know."
Native 3: "I know."
Native 1: "I know."

What tribe does each native belong to, and what color hats are they now wearing?

Now answer the same question for this series of answers:

Native 1: "I don't know my hat's color."
Native 2: "I don't know my hat's color."
Native 3: "I don't know my hat's color."
Native 1: "I don't know my hat's color."

Knights Knaves Hats Solution

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