Q: What does "FUNEX" mean?


FUNEX? (Have you any eggs?) SVFX. (Yes, we have eggs.) FUNEM? (Have you any ham?) SVFM. (Yes, we have ham.) FUMNX? (Have you ham and eggs?) S,S:VFM,VFX,VFMNX! (Yes, yes: we have ham, we have eggs, we have ham and eggs!)

CD ED BD DUCKS? (See the itty bitty ducks?) MR NOT DUCKS! (Them are not ducks!) OSAR, CDEDBD WINGS? (Oh yes they are, see the itty bitty wings?) LILB MR DUCKS! (Well I'll be, them are ducks!)

YYUR. (Too wise you are.) YYUB. (Too wise you be.) ICUR (I see you are) YY4me. (too wise for me.)

If U eat TT (If you eat two teas) I shall have TT U. (I shall have to tease you.)

AB C D puppies? (Abey, see the puppies?) M R N puppies! (Them aren't puppies!) O S A R! C M PN? (Oh yes they are! See them peeing?)

AB C D goldfish? (Abey, see the goldfish?) L M N O goldfish! (Hell, them ain't no goldfish!) O S A R 2 goldfish. (Oh yes they are too goldfish.)

AB C D FEG! (Abey, see the effigy!)

Lament of a 4SAKN Lover (Lament of a Forsaken Lover)

U 4N female K9's son, (You foreign female canine's son,) U KG CD flea, (You cagey seedy flea,) My heart CCCC its hope's DK; (My heart foresees its hope's decay;) Your AAAA on my QT may (Your forays on my cutey may) Have B10 me I C. (Have beaten me I see.)

U C me 2 N N8 worth (You see me to in innate worth) Be W, no less; (Be double you, no less;) Your MT BD glances bore (Your empty beady glances bore) My II; had I IIIIIIIIII more, (My two eyes; had I ten eyes more,) They'd bore me 2 XS. (They'd bore me to excess.)

Y 1 should fall 4 U S hard (Why one should fall for you is hard) 4 NE 1 2 C; (For anyone to see;) Your PP never fit U L; (Your toupees never fit you well;) N this, N all, I U XL; (In this, in all, I you excell;) Yet 0's left 4 me. (Yet nothing's left for me.)

With NRG and EZ skill, (With energy and easy skill,) U 1 1 I love well. (You won one I love well,) I NV U that 1 B9, (I envy you that one benign,) U 4N S, and hourly pine (You foreign ass, and hourly pine) 4 U 2 B N L. (For you to be in hell.)

-- Willard B. Espy ("The Game of Words")

English letters sounding like Spanish
SOCKS. (Eso si que es.)

And a pure Spanish example: SBBCACKK. (Ese bebe se hace caca. or "That baby poops.")

see also entry "gramogram"

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