11.5% APR (although "APR" means that interest is charged on the balance only) ABM missile ABS system AC current ACT test AMOCO Oil Co. APL programming language ATM machine BASIC Code BBS System CAD design CNN news network DC current DMZ zone DOS operating system GMT time Geirangerfjorden (Fjord Fjord Fjord) HIV virus ISBN number ISDN network LCD display LED diode MIDI Interface Mount Fujiyama (Mount Mountain) NATO organization NFS File System PIN number RAM (or ROM) memory Rio Grande River (Big River River) SALT talks or SALT treaty SAT test SCSI Interface SEATO organization START talks or START treaty The La Brea Tar Pits (The The Tar Tar Pits) The Los Altos Hills (The The Hills Hills) VIN number floccinoccinihlipilification (from 4 latin words meaning "nothing") the hoi polloi (the the many) hot water heater

Breedon-on-the-Hill in Leicestershire (translates as "Hillhill-on-the-hill" using two different Celtic words - modern Welsh "Bryn" and Gaelic "Du'n" and one English one).

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