Q: A silent letter is sounded by adding a suffix or changing or deleting a letter.


Grades for suffix entries
A. All of the following defects absent. B. Words are not semantically related (e.g., balk - balkan). C. Silent letter has an effect on the pronunciation (e.g., thresh - threshold). D. Not strictly a suffix.

1. Words should be

Add Suffix Change Letter Delete Letter ----------------------------- ----------------------- -----------------------

a real - reality (A) beat - brat beat - bat b bomb - bombard (A) bomb - boob bomb - bob c muscle - muscular (A) muscle - mascle czar - car d edge - edgar (B) budget - budlet bridge - bride e line - linear (A) ides - idea eye - ye f g resign - resignation (A) sign - sigs sign - sig h vehicle - vehicular (A) i fruit - fruition (A) j k knob - klob knob - kob l balk - balkan (B) could - coule could - cold m n condemn - condemnation (A)

  • theory - theoretical (A)

p receipt - reception (D) psi - poi psi - pi q r s bourgeois - bourgeoisie (A) t ballet - balletic (A) tsar - tear tsar - tar u circuit - circuitous (A) v w cow - coward (A) writ - wait writ - wit x beaux - beauxite (B) faux - flux faux - fax y portray - portrayal (A) spay - spry spay - spy z oyez - oyezes (A) oyez - yez

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