The UnfoldSubpages WikiPlugin is used to display all or some subpages of the current or a given page. This gives a overview for a WikiBlogPlugin, CalendarPlugin or similar subpages.

Warning: Don't use it with subpages with non-existant sections! The section extractor is currently quite unstable.


     <?plugin UnfoldSubpages ?>
  or <?plugin UnfoldSubpages sortby=-mtime words=50 maxpages=5 ?>
  or <?plugin UnfoldSubpages quiet=1 smalltitle=1 ?>
  or <?plugin UnfoldSubpages sections=2 words=100 ?>
  or <?plugin UnfoldSubpages lines=3 ?>
  or <?plugin UnfoldSubpages pagename="PhpWikiAdministration"
              section="Plugin Arguments" sectionhead=1 ?>

Plugin Arguments:

Any pagename or if empty the current page. Default: ""
Print no header. Default: false
Sort by + (ASC) or - (DESC) and one column. Multiple columns like sortby="-hits,-mtime" not yet supported. Supported columns: [+|-]page