As of September 2005, there no longer is a Yreka Bakery, nor is there a Yrella Gallery. Here is the report from a researcher:

I called the Yreka Chamber of Commerce this morning and asked a helpful woman about these businesses. Feel free to call and verify the information, but, uh, don't all do it at once.

The Yreka Bakery is gone. Within the last twenty years, new owners had renamed it after their family, then newer owners restored the palindromic name, but now there is no longer a bakery in its location. "I think it's a beauty parlor now", the woman said.

The Yrella Gallery, which had been next door to the bakery, is also gone, no longer cashing in on the fame of its neighbor.

I asked if either of the new establishments have "cool names". She said "no".

Here are some other businesses with palindromic names
Elite Tile (San Francisco, California, USA) Lion Oil (El Dorado, Arkansas, USA)

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